When Does Dancing with the Stars Start?

Premiere Date and Time for the New Season

“Dancing with the Stars” is a popular dance competition show that has been entertaining audiences for many years. Fans are always eager to know when the next season will start, and the good news is that the show has been officially renewed for another season. The new season of “Dancing with the Stars” is set to premiere on Monday, September 19, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

The premiere episode is always highly anticipated as it introduces the celebrity contestants and their professional dance partners. It is also when fans get a first glimpse of the new season’s format, theme, and rules. The premiere episode is expected to be two hours long, followed by weekly one-hour episodes every Monday night.

Fans of the show can mark their calendars and set their DVRs for September 19th to catch the premiere episode of “Dancing with the Stars.” It promises to be another exciting season of dance, drama, and surprises.

Cast of Celebrities and Professional Dancers to Expect

One of the most exciting aspects of “Dancing with the Stars” is seeing the celebrity contestants and their professional dance partners take the stage each week. While the official lineup for the upcoming season has not been announced yet, there are always rumors and speculations about who will be joining the show.

In the past, the show has featured a mix of actors, singers, athletes, and other public figures as contestants. Some of the most memorable celebrity contestants from past seasons include Jennifer Grey, Bindi Irwin, Donald Driver, and Alfonso Ribeiro.

The professional dancers who will be paired with the celebrity contestants are also a big part of the show’s appeal. The show has featured some of the best dancers in the world, including Derek Hough, Cheryl Burke, and Val Chmerkovskiy. Fans eagerly anticipate the announcement of the professional dancers who will be returning for the upcoming season.

While we don’t know for sure who will be on the next season of “Dancing with the Stars,” fans can be sure that the show will feature a talented and diverse cast of celebrity contestants and professional dancers.

Changes in Format and Rules for the Upcoming Season

“Dancing with the Stars” has undergone several changes in format and rules over the years to keep the show fresh and exciting. The upcoming season is expected to have some changes as well.

One of the most significant changes is the departure of longtime host Tom Bergeron and co-host Erin Andrews. They will be replaced by Tyra Banks, who hosted “America’s Next Top Model” for many years. This is a big change for the show, as Tom and Erin had been the faces of “Dancing with the Stars” for many seasons.

There are also rumors that the show may have a new judging panel, with some of the current judges possibly being replaced. This would be another significant change for the show, as the judging panel has been relatively consistent over the years.

In terms of format and rules, the show may introduce new themes or challenges for the celebrity contestants to make the competition more challenging and exciting. There may also be changes in the voting process or how the scores are calculated.

Overall, fans can expect some changes in the format and rules for the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars.” While these changes may take some getting used to, they are also part of what keeps the show fresh and entertaining.

Behind the Scenes: Production Updates and Preparations

A lot goes into producing a season of “Dancing with the Stars,” from selecting the celebrity contestants and professional dancers to designing the elaborate sets and costumes. Fans are always interested in getting a behind-the-scenes look at the production process and what goes into making the show.

As the premiere date approaches, there are usually updates from the producers and production team about the progress of the show’s preparations. This may include sneak peeks of the rehearsals, interviews with the contestants and professional dancers, and previews of the sets and costumes.

There are also various logistical and technical aspects of producing the show, such as selecting the music, lighting, and camera angles for each performance. Fans are always interested in learning about how these decisions are made and how they contribute to the overall look and feel of the show.

As the production team works tirelessly to prepare for the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars,” fans can look forward to getting more behind-the-scenes updates and glimpses into the world of this beloved dance competition show.

Fans’ Predictions and Expectations for the Upcoming Season

“Dancing with the Stars” has a passionate fan base that eagerly anticipates each new season. As the premiere date approaches, fans start making predictions and sharing their expectations for the upcoming season.

One of the biggest topics of discussion among fans is who will be joining the show as celebrity contestants. Fans have been known to make predictions based on social media activity, past performances, and rumors circulating in the media.

Fans also have expectations for the professional dancers who will be returning for the new season. Many fans have their favorite dancers who they hope to see paired with their favorite celebrity contestants. Some fans also have expectations for the type of dance styles that will be featured on the show, such as more contemporary or ballroom styles.

Another aspect of the show that fans have expectations for is the judging. Fans have strong opinions about the current judging panel and what they would like to see in terms of fairness and consistency in the scoring.

Overall, fans are excited for the new season of “Dancing with the Stars” and have high expectations for the celebrity contestants, professional dancers, and the overall production of the show. It remains to be seen how well these expectations will be met, but fans will be eagerly watching and sharing their thoughts throughout the season.

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