Where Can I Watch Elvis?

Streaming Services with Elvis Content

If you’re looking to watch Elvis Presley’s movies or concerts, there are several streaming services that offer his content. Here are some options:

  1. Netflix: Although Netflix does not offer a wide range of Elvis content, it does have a few titles available, such as the biopic “Elvis & Nixon” and the concert documentary “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is.”

  2. Amazon Prime Video: Amazon has a larger collection of Elvis movies and concerts available for streaming. Some of the titles include “Jailhouse Rock,” “Viva Las Vegas,” and “Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii.”

  3. HBO Max: This streaming service offers several Elvis movies, including “Blue Hawaii,” “Girls! Girls! Girls!,” and “King Creole.”

  4. Disney+: Disney recently acquired the rights to some of Elvis’ movies, including “Follow That Dream” and “Kid Galahad.” These titles are available to stream on Disney+.

  5. Hulu: Hulu offers a limited selection of Elvis content, but you can still find some of his movies and documentaries, such as “Elvis: The Searcher” and “Elvis Lives! The 25th Anniversary Concert.”

With these streaming services, you can easily enjoy the music, performances, and movies of the King of Rock and Roll from the comfort of your own home.

TV Channels Broadcasting Elvis Shows

If you prefer watching Elvis content on traditional television, there are several channels that regularly broadcast his movies and concerts. Here are some options:

  1. Turner Classic Movies (TCM): TCM frequently airs Elvis movies, such as “Jailhouse Rock,” “King Creole,” and “Viva Las Vegas.”

  2. AXS TV: AXS TV is a cable channel that often airs Elvis concerts and documentaries. Some of the titles include “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is” and “Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii.”

  3. PBS: PBS sometimes broadcasts Elvis concerts and documentaries during their pledge drives. Keep an eye out for titles like “Elvis Lives: The 25th Anniversary Concert” and “Elvis ’56.”

  4. VH1 Classic: Although VH1 Classic is not as popular as it once was, the channel still airs Elvis content from time to time. Some of the shows you might catch include “Elvis: The Ed Sullivan Shows” and “Elvis: Return To Tupelo.”

  5. MTV Classic: Like VH1 Classic, MTV Classic is a cable channel that occasionally plays Elvis content. You might see shows like “Elvis: The Lost Performances” and “Elvis: The Great Performances.”

With these TV channels, you can watch Elvis movies and concerts on your television without needing to subscribe to a streaming service.

Elvis DVDs and Blu-rays

If you prefer physical media and collecting Elvis content, you can purchase his movies and concerts on DVD and Blu-ray. Here are some options:

  1. Amazon: Amazon offers a wide selection of Elvis DVDs and Blu-rays, including his movies and concerts. You can find titles like “Jailhouse Rock,” “Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii,” and “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is.”

  2. Walmart: Walmart also carries a selection of Elvis DVDs and Blu-rays, with prices often lower than Amazon’s. You can find titles like “Blue Hawaii,” “Girls! Girls! Girls!,” and “Elvis: The Great Performances.”

  3. Best Buy: Best Buy has a smaller selection of Elvis DVDs and Blu-rays, but they do offer some unique titles like the “Elvis Lives” documentary and the “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is” deluxe edition.

  4. Target: Target’s selection of Elvis DVDs and Blu-rays is similar to Best Buy’s, but they do offer some exclusive titles, such as “Elvis: The Searcher.”

  5. If you’re a die-hard Elvis fan, you can purchase DVDs and Blu-rays directly from Graceland’s website. They offer a range of titles, from his early movies to his final concerts.

With these options, you can build your own personal collection of Elvis movies and concerts that you can watch anytime, anywhere.

Elvis Concerts and Movies in Theaters

If you want to experience Elvis’ music and performances on the big screen, there are several ways to do so. Here are some options:

  1. Fathom Events: Fathom Events is a company that partners with movie theaters to bring special events to the big screen. They occasionally offer Elvis concerts and movies, such as “Elvis: That’s The Way It Is” and “Elvis ’68 Comeback Special.”

  2. Graceland: If you’re in Memphis, Tennessee, you can visit Graceland and see Elvis movies and concerts in their state-of-the-art theater. They offer titles like “Viva Las Vegas” and “Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii.”

  3. Film Festivals: Some film festivals showcase Elvis movies and documentaries. For example, the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival has featured films like “The King,” a documentary about Elvis’ cultural impact.

  4. Repertory Theaters: Repertory theaters often screen classic movies, and sometimes that includes Elvis movies. Check your local theater’s schedule to see if they’re playing any Elvis titles.

  5. Concert Venues: Occasionally, concert venues will host tribute shows to Elvis. These shows feature Elvis impersonators performing his music and reenacting his performances.

With these options, you can experience the magic of Elvis’ performances in a unique and memorable way.

Elvis Memorabilia and Exhibits

If you’re a die-hard Elvis fan, you might be interested in visiting exhibits and collecting memorabilia related to the King of Rock and Roll. Here are some options:

  1. Graceland: Graceland is Elvis’ former home in Memphis, Tennessee, and it’s now a museum dedicated to his life and legacy. You can see his mansion, his cars, and his personal belongings. They also offer special exhibits, such as the “Elvis: Live from Vegas” exhibit.

  2. Elvis Presley Birthplace: If you’re in Tupelo, Mississippi, you can visit the Elvis Presley Birthplace, which is a museum that celebrates Elvis’ early life. You can see his childhood home, his school, and a museum with artifacts and memorabilia.

  3. Elvis-A-Rama Museum: The Elvis-A-Rama Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a private collection of Elvis memorabilia, including his cars, costumes, and personal items.

  4. eBay: If you’re looking to collect Elvis memorabilia, eBay is a great place to start. You can find items like vintage concert posters, autographed albums, and rare photos.

  5. Graceland Auctions: Graceland holds occasional auctions of Elvis memorabilia, including items from his personal collection. You can bid on items like his jewelry, stage-worn costumes, and handwritten lyrics.

With these options, you can immerse yourself in Elvis’ life and collect unique pieces of memorabilia to commemorate his legacy.

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